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Business languages English and Spanish compete for popularity

Spanish is spoken natively by roughly 355 million people, and by an estimated 417 million people worldwide. It is also the official language in 20 countries, making it one of the most widely used international languages. Despite its global use, most people today generally steer towards enrolling in an English course. However, taking the opportunity to learn Spanish is a wise investment in the future. 

As one of the Romance languages, Spanish is heavily influenced by Latin, allowing many people to relate similar language structures to their own native language. Having the ability to see similarities between languages is a great advantage. However, there is still a wide gap between learning textbook Spanish and actually being able to use Spanish as a means of communication. Like any language Spanish is acquired best when it is spoken, written, heard, and used on a daily basis. Community and school courses offer this to an extent, but they often lack native speakers to work with students. The best opportunity to learn Spanish will present itself in any of the 20 countries where Spanish is spoken natively. International Projects (http://internationalprojects.com/) is a tour operator that organizes language holidays abroad, allowing participants to learn Spanish in its natural setting. 

Additionally, learning a language abroad allows participants to speak with a certain amount of fluidity that is hard to be attained at home. With so many global organizations using Spanish as an official language today, there is a great need for business people who can speak with ease. Taking the time to learn Spanish is definitely one investment with no risk and high profitability, and International Projects (http://internationalprojects.com/) can be the right partner in taking a Spanish Course abroad.

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International Projects (IP) organizes language courses for juniors, adults and families in Great Britain, France, Germany, and Spain. Their international language schools provide proficient language learning at different levels based on an innovative learning curriculum. This builds up both, knowledge and confidence in an international environment. With over 20 years' experience, IP has gained an unrivaled insight into what students want from their language courses.

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